September 15th, 2014

Still don’t know if I like Mako without his scarf


Like he looks kind of naked without it, but but Grandma Yin has it so…



In Book 4, I want Mako staring at the picture of him and Korra from the festival from Book 2 and missing her like crazy.

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All caps bold for a reason people, trust us you’re in for a surprise!




the last episode of book 4 better be called avatar korra

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"Brave Faced"


When Korra left, Bolin had already planned on writing to her. Mako watched as he spent an hour or two every other day crafting a letter to send to her, inky characters flowing down page after page. It didn’t matter to Bolin what he wrote, and it didn’t matter if she responded, just so long as he was writing, writing, writing. To her.

“I want Korra to feel good again,” Bolin had said, scrawling out the post-post-post script. “That’s all.”

Asami had radioed her a few times to check up. She had expressed to Mako how anxious she was that none of them had gone with her. “She has her parents, and Kya’s there too, but still… I just want to help in whatever way I can.”

Mako wished he had done something. He wished he had said something. But he hadn’t.

He hadn’t done a single thing.

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Def second that anon. I feel like what little we've had implied about Kya could thematically with what Korra is going through. The fact that Kya traveled the world to "find herself" and her inner desire to be detached from her family (as seen in the spirit world), could echo the identity crisis Korra is going through nicely.
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Hmm, interesting. Kya giving Korra advice about that, yess.


we’ve never really talked about this, but i think we all know deep down where that ice palace in the Southern Water Tribe actually came from





Even though I am completely and entirely devastated by Korra’s physical injuries, mental distress and what seems to me a pretty bad case of PTSD, it’s so fucking raw that they decided to portray her trauma as exactly what it was - an incredibly traumatic experience that hurt her physically, mentally and emotionally, and that takes a lot of time to absorb and process.

Korra might be the Avatar, but she’s also a person, a teenager no less, and who has been out in the world for what, a year? Less than? In that time she’s been through hell and back - abductions, spiritual violations, betrayals, and enormous amounts of battles. Her hallucinations during the finale also made it clear that even though she survived and thrived Amon’s, Unalaq’s and Vaatu’s attacks, they were still incredibly harrowing experiences that she has had to assimilate and are a part of her, experiences that don’t just fade away and stop being traumatic because she “won” and got through - those aren’t things someone is just gonna forget and aren’t going to be difficult to deal with anymore.

While this is a fantasy TV show, her reaction is so realistic, it’s what so many people and survivors experience and go through each and every day and have to deal with - I just hope people won’t be so ignorant and callous as to disrespect that effort and those experiences. She’s not 100% yet, and that’s not weakness. That’s recovery.

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One thing I seriously would love to and hope they explore more of in Book 4 is what I like to call “the insult of good intentions”

If you’ve ever dealt with depression or any mental or physical illness that’s hard for people who don’t have it to understand you know that often times people will say things that they think will help you feel better… but they really don’t (and often times they make you feel worse or invalidated).

And that’s exactly what’s happening between the Krew and Korra (particularly with Tenzin). They keep saying things to help Korra feel better but what they’re really doing is shoving her aside and validating her worst fears that she’s not needed anymore.

And here’s the thing that kills me. It’s meant well. It’s honestly meant well. If Tenzin honestly knew how his words came across to Korra I guarantee he’d be apologizing in a heartbeat. Tenzin isn’t trying to belittle Korra or make her feel useless. He’s so concerned about her and wants nothing more than to see her recover (he views her as one of his own daughters practically so in that way he’s also very protective of her).

Same with Bolin. Bolin is trying to laugh and throw out humor as a means to make Korra feel better. This is Bolin’s coping strategy and methinks this has always been his coping strategy. He laughs to cover the pain. Deep down he hates seeing Korra like this (as does everyone) but his way of dealing with it is to make light of the situation in the hopes that positive thinking will help everyone feel better.

And that’s why I’ve always called it the insult of good intentions. The ultimate thing is… their intentions are pure. The execution needs a lot of work and the disconnect between the suffering and the comforters is obvious but the intent of everyone around Korra is in the right place - they want Korra to get better. The only problem is the way they express their concern ends up coming off as a backhand insult and it hurts Korra more.

And this is what I’m really hoping for out of Book 4 - an exploration into how to really help and comfort someone who’s hurting. A character arc where everyone around Korra learns what it means to deal with depression and how best to help that person get back on their feet. I feel like there is so much opportunity for exploring that growth in everyone. And that’s also part of finding balance - when to say something (and also what to say) and when to just lend a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes you need to say something but sometimes the best thing you can do is just be there for someone. And it’s a balance that you have to find in order to best help the person in need.

I’m just so excited for the possibilities of that. What a great way to demonstrate in a show how to help other people in a way that really helps them (versus trying to help them just the way you think they need to be helped). I feel like the character growth in this book is going to be amazing and I can’t wait.

  • Korra: So what are you guys going to do while I'm away?
  • Mako, Bolin, & Asami: Wait for you to come home.

"Cosmic State"
A very late upload. Ive been out of tumblr for a while.
I made this during that horrid week when news broke out that Nick was taking LoK off the air. I understand that things got a little brutal but damn it broke my heart what they did.
I thought that Korra’s spirit alone could become the spiritual titan, what more if combined with Raava. (/*O*\)


"Cosmic State"

A very late upload. Ive been out of tumblr for a while.

I made this during that horrid week when news broke out that Nick was taking LoK off the air. I understand that things got a little brutal but damn it broke my heart what they did.

I thought that Korra’s spirit alone could become the spiritual titan, what more if combined with Raava. (/*O*\)

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New Exclusive Book 4 Clip

From It’s labeled “215 clip”, but presumably this is not from episode 2 of Book 4.

(214 would be Book 4 episode 1, 215 would be Book 4 episode 2)

And yes, this appears to be the clip Nick is going to link to tomorrow. This image can be found under related videos on the Mike and Bryan announcement:


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so, it’s commentary time. and i’ll keep this brief because i’m sure that other people will add to this as time goes on. CAN I JUST GET A WRETCHED SOUND AT THE WAY KORRA LOOKS? this is right after everyone is telling her that they’ll miss her. understandable that everyone wants korra to recuperate and get back on her feet and being at home is going to make that recovery process faster (or so everyone thinks). and this goes back to what everyone has said about the world being able to keep its balance without the avatar. korra’s face just makes me do the ugly crying face because it’s what’s happening. things are being kept in the balance while she’s gone. i know that no one means that she isn’t needed, but how the hell can she think about anything else? she’s gone through amon, unalaq, vaatu, and zaheer in a matter of months, right? and then everyone’s all BON VOYAGE, BABE! with sweet sentiments of course. and you see korra wave with a smile because she wants the last thing they see to be her smile and her looking somewhat happy at going home with her parents. but she’s leaving behind her second home - her friends, her role in republic city.

and i just want to punch myself in the face because it would hurt less than seeing korra this way.

p.s. i’m sure this leads to her swiping off that hair like HONOR.

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